Thursday, December 24, 2015

Relative Charts: I'm a Great-Great Aunt!

Oh, my but relative names and titles are confusing once you get a couple of generations into the greats and grands on the family tree and in the relative charts.
Are you a great? A grand? It's all relative!
Or is it a great grand-aunt?

Oh, my but relative names and titles are confusing once you get a couple of generations into the greats and grands on the family tree and in the relative charts. In any case, my sister's granddaughter is having a baby today. She's my niece's little girl (not so little anymore). After poring over charts all morning I finally have the relationship titles figured out.

I'll be a great-great aunt to little Claira and little Claira will be a great-grandniece to me.

That's three greats and one grand. And a partridge in a pear tree given that today is Christmas Eve.

If you need to figure out how you're related to the relatives you'll be sitting around the table with tomorrow at Christmas dinner, here's some information that should help.

The chart that gave me the answer I was seeking is from and shown in the picture above. It's an interactive relative chart, so hover over "Me" on the chart and follow the path to the relative in question. Click when you get there (I clicked on "G Grand Nephew" which represents my great-grandniece) and the Relationships will be shown in a box, giving your titles and those of your relative. It's not (quite) as confusing as it sounds and gave me exactly the answer I was looking for.

I found this relatives chart on Wikimedia Commons. It wasn't quite as simple for me to interpret and, in fact, I think it might have an error, unless the first one is wrong - is it "great-great aunt" or "great-grand aunt"? If you know for sure, please let me know.

Another page I explored is from, called The Key to Understanding Family Relationships. If you're not sure if your first cousin's grandson is your first cousin twice-removed (he is), this page might help you understand how to figure it out.

Of course online sites such as can help you trace and identify your relation to everyone on your family tree.

I can't wait to see a picture of baby Claira (it'll be a couple of months until I see her in person) and find out her middle name. I'm sure she'll be a beautiful baby and grow up to be a grand little girl. Make that great-grand. Her whole family is looking forward to seeing her, too. Hard to believe my sister will be a great-grandmother and my parents will be great-great grandparents. Our family is truly blessed.

Are you a great? A grand? Still confused? Tell me about it! Hope this information helps!

P.S. She's here and she's healthy! Welcome, Claira Elizabeth! 


  1. Oh what fun to learn where baby Claira fits into your family tree. And what a sweet Christmas gift - a new baby girl. Congrats on your great/grand aunthood - I'm sure you'll be both (great AND grand) to her. I'm a GRANDmother, but my brother is already a GREAT-grandfather. Since my oldest grandson is already 19, I'm sure I'll reach the 'great' part in a relatively few years. :)

    1. Thank you, Elf! Time really does fly, especially when children are involved. I'm sure you enjoy being a grandmother and I'm sure you're a great one! The other "great" can wait a while longer! Thanks for sharing in our fun today!