Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Silence: One of Those Wonderful Grandmother Memories

by Lorelei Cohen
Silence: One of Those Wonderful Grandmother Memories
Making Memories with the Grands
I generally don’t get much done when my tiny grandchildren come to visit. They are born each a year apart and all are preschool so the house can get quite busy when they visit. I work from home and don’t usually have deadlines but it turns out that on this morning I did, so when my daughter phoned to ask if I could take the kids for a couple hours I was a little hesitant but agreed.

The kids dashed into the playroom as soon as they arrived so that was a bit of a relief. I grabbed a cup of coffee and just as I sat back down to delve back into my assignment the two girls came racing out and plopped down by my feet. Amazingly this is when the silence begins.

Alysha is three years old, Hana is four, and they are mad at each other. They sit on the floor by my feet, arms crossed over their chests, top lips stuck intentionally out in distinct pouts. Glaring at each other without saying a word. They aren’t talking to each other. I glance over at them every now and then but keep working on the computer.

I know that their positioning themselves where I can’t help but see them is part of the plan. Someone needs to know exactly how angry they are with each other for it to be worth while. So there they sit. Not talking to each other and I love it. This is one of the easiest and quietest days of babysitting that Grandma has had in a long time.

Little Jordon who is one year old has discovered that he is alone in the toy room so he comes out to investigate the disappearance of his sisters. He looks around, cocks his head to one side as he looks at the immobile features of the statues that were once his sisters. Then he sneaks over close enough to tug silently at my dress.

With everyone else quiet, Jordon isn’t sure whether or not he should speak so he uses his eyes and hands to communicate with me. His little eyebrows go up and his tiny shoulders shrug in confusion. His eyes are silently asking me “what the heck is going on?” I smile but I don’t say anything. Who be I to break the silence. It just wouldn’t be right.

Alysha sticks her tongue out at her sister, Hana crinkles her nose in a scowl and tightens her arms across her chest. Jordon looks again at me to see if I am going to interfere. Nope, and the silence continues.

Jordon’s little hand is still tightly clinging to my dress as his mind tries to figure the situation out. It seems that he knows that he shouldn’t talk till he knows what’s going on. His eyes flash back and forth between the two girls and myself. I’m wondering how long they can all keep it up.
Silence: One of Those Wonderful Grandmother Memories. Lorelei's perfect angels.
Three perfect little angels.

I am so enjoying the silence as it allows me time to continue working. The only sound in the room is the now very loud clicking of the keys on my keyboard as I type.

Jordon tugs on my dress. I reach down, pick him up, and put him on my knee. As I embrace him in a great big hug he looks up at me with the most exaggerated pitiful pout that I have ever seen. I am finding it really hard not to laugh. I think that he has figured out how to play this game.

I hear my daughter coming in the door, she calls for the kids as she walks through into the living room. Then she stops and sensing something amiss she looks around and says, “What’s up?”

Jordon squeals out, "Mommy!" and holds out his arms for her. Hana and Alysha both start complaining at once. Alysha did this and Hana did that. Life is suddenly glaringly back to normal.

My daughter asks if the kids were good and I reply, “Perfect, they were just perfect angels today.” She smiles and I can tell that she thinks that I am being sarcastic. As the three now very noisy little voices clamor in unison around her perfect is kind of hard for her to imagine her children being. After they leave I go back to typing but I can’t get the smile off my face. Easiest babysitting day ever.

My grandchildren are older now but I can't help but chuckle every time I think back on that memory.

My name is Lorelei but on the internet I am also known as Ladymermaid. I am the mother of two beautiful daughters and 5 amazing grandchildren. I am a writer and enjoy managing my websites Lady Mermaid and The Gift Ideas List Site.

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  1. Lorelei, What a beautiful story, it is amazing how the simple things become such great memories. Thanks for sharing your memory.

  2. Awww Lorelei, I so enjoyed this story. You are one smart grandmama! I could just see those little girls being angry with each other, and the little fellow wondering what was going on. What a sweet, sweet memory of your three grandkids!

  3. I had to force my two to be silent when they started to fight. I made them just sit and they weren't allowed to talk only to make faces. Finally it turned out as I'd hoped. They cracked up at the faces and forget why they were mad at each other.